Why use Facebook events to promote your event?

Facebook gives you easy access to dancers in your community, who are looking to attend events. By creating an event you can focus in on your key market much better than using other Facebook tools.

Posting your event on your wall will give you access to around 12% of your friends. Of that 12% you have no say in who will see it. So perhaps it will turn up in the feed of 25 of your friends from that college spring break you spent in Las Vegas, 45 of the Moms from the softball team, and 3 belly dancers who live half way around the world. You may end up wondering why no one has signed up, while the belly dancer across town is wondering why no one is putting on events anymore.

You might feel like you are dancing solo in an empty field....

Facebook advertising can be very effective at pin pointing your potential customers, but I am going to suggest you use that as a final stage of setting up an events page, rather than instead.

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